Penny Wan

Co-Founder & Chairwoman

Penny Wan is a board member and biotech executive in the biopharmaceutical industry. For more than two decades Ms.Wan has led the delivery of life-saving and life-changing biopharmaceutical therapies to patients and their caregivers. Ms. Wan’s professional expertise closely mirrors her personal circumstances and she has successfully brought to bear her roles as a daughter, wife, mother, business leader and caregiver to inform the decisions she makes in her everyday work. Ms. Wan’s career spans some of life’s critical life milestones from women’s health, infant formula and childhood vaccines up through cancer treatments, mental health and antidepressants, biologics for arthritis and post-menopausal osteoporosis affecting the elderly, and stroke and high risk cardiovascular disease. She recently co-founded Heranova Lifesciences, a startup focused on women’s health, and serves as the company’s chairwoman.

Until 2020, she served as Vice President and Regional General Manager, Japan, and Asia Pacific, for Amgen, through which she was instrumental in building Amgen’s commercial presence across the region, ensuring that innovative medicines reached patients, payers, and physicians in these markets. Prior to Amgen, Penny was general manager of Roche Pharma China, which became one of the fastest-growing multinational corporation in the country. She spearheaded innovative partnership solutions with government, professional and patient groups to improve access and outcomes for patients. During her time in China, Ms. Wan served as an executive committee member of RDPAC (R&D based Pharmaceutical Association Committee), where she led the industry-shaping efforts in biologics and served as Vice President of the Shanghai Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investments. She received the 2013 White Magnolia Memorial Award from the Shanghai municipality in recognition of her contributions to the city. Penny currently is a member of the Philadelphia chapter of the Women Corporate Directors Foundation.

Penny brings deep experience across healthcare. She has comprehensive management experience and strategic skills in leading sales and marketing, manufacturing, business development, start-up, country, and regional operations in global markets, including China and Japan in world class pharma and healthcare companies.

Penny holds a Graduate Diploma in business administration from Monash University and Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Pharmacology from Monash University of Australia.